Baked Sunday Mornings: Hair of the Dog Cake

Posted by hsimpsongrossman on January 4, 2015

This was a cake of many names, when it was served at a Hanukkah party for my side of the family.  I called it “Booze” cake, “Warm-Milk-with-Rum-and-Caramel” cake, “You’ll-Never-Guess-Its-Name” cake.  Anything but it’s official name.  I was worried of the cake being judged by its cover name- Hair of the Dog cake?!  Some of my in-laws don’t like dogs (or any other pet, for that matter).  There was no way they would eat a cake bearing such a name!

Hair of the Dog Cake the Whole and Its Parts
The Whole and Its Parts

Which, of course, caused each and every one of them to suspect it contains their least favorite ingredient, which, when it comes to my extended family, ranges anywhere from coconut, cinnamon, poppy seeds, cheese and nuts to most forms of vegetables and quite a few fruits (when my siblings chose their spouses, they weren’t diligent at all with regards to the latter’s  food peculiarities).

I had to personally reassure each and every fussy eater that there was no shredded zucchini impersonating as honey, no dates claiming to be chocolate chips (Stubborn Mule fell for the date scheme for a quite few years) and so on.

Hair of the Dog Cake Jolly Roger
The Jolly Roger

Once my family came over their suspicions and dared try a piece, they went immediately for seconds and thirds.  Though the menu consisted of coffee and cakes (that’s my family for you – we go straight to dessert) and I was facing some serious competition (my sister made a chocolate layer cake to die for and her legendary strawberry cake, my sister in-law brought the obligatory chocolate cake  for the kids” and my aunt brought her whole wheat moist chocolate cake  for the healthier among us), most if it was gone within minutes.

Hair of the Dog Cake a Balanced Diet
A Balanced Diet

Except for it’s name, which I still can’t get, the cake met my exceptions to their fullest.  I made it in a jiffy, as I came back from school a couple of hours before our family gathering and it was comforting and fun to snack and snack and snack on. For the sake of full disclosure, Perfect Son was of the opinion that while this Hair of the Dog cake was great, I made much more notable cakes in the past (a view expressed while gobbling down his fourth or fifth slice).

I had experienced a couple of close calls while working on this cake.  Firstly, I wanted to brown the butter for the caramel, but was a bit preoccupied and browned it a tad too much. 

Hair of the Dog Cake As Brown As it Gets
As Brown As it Gets

Similarly, I did not head to Matt and Renato’s warning and did overlook the cake in the broiler for a few fateful seconds.  Thank God I smelt the burning baking parchment paper early on and saved the cake (and the house) just on time.

Hair of the Dog Cake Catching Fire
Catching Fire

I tweaked the recipe just a bit. I used less sugar than was called for, both in the batter (only 11/2 cups) and for the broiled frosting (3/4 of a cup) and no one complained about the cake not  being sweet enough.

Hair of the Dog Cake Not Following the Letter of the Law
Not Following the Letter of the Law

Additionally, having a mental problem with throwing food away, I omitted the egg yolk, used only the four (whole) eggs called for and lived to tell the tale.

Given the health conciseness of some of the expected guests, I decided to skip the optional Rum Flavored whipped cream topping.  I see no reason to add it next time given the success of this cake even without it.

Hair of the Dog Cake Out of the Oven
Hair of the Dog Cake Out of the Oven

And now, without further ado, let me introduce you to the recipe for this easy to make, quick to vanish Hair of the Dog cake, AKA Rum-Flavored Hot Milk Cake with Broiled Rum Brown Sugar Frosting, from Baked Occasions by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito.

Happy Baking!

Hair of the Dog Cake Pirate Guide
Pirates Guide


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  1. I got a big laugh reading your blog post! It sounds like you have quite a cast of characters to please. I too was not particularly attracted to the name of this cake (perhaps also because of my parents’ aversion to pets), but it sure was a nice surprise. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who set the parchment paper on fire– LOL! I agree, it was a very unassuming little dessert, but I found myself continuing to snack on it, even with bits of paper embers… 😉

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