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Orange Pineapple Walnut Fruit Cake

Comfort Zone

I haven’t tried a new cake recipe in something like 2 months.  In fact, I’ve barely managed to bake anything at all since the beginning of the school year.  But how could I ignore a Christmas boiled fruit cake? With Rum?! So I did the impossible and cleared some time off my Thursday schedule.  Thank
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Cherry and Poppy Seed Yogurt Cake עוגת דובדבנים ופרג לימונית

Poppy Seed Yogurt Cake

I might have mentioned here in the past that I am an obsessive-compulsive cookbook reader.  I can’t keep it but read cookbooks from cover to cover, from the forward till the list of sources and acknowledgements.  In recent years, however, I found myself making an exception to my own rule.  When a book includes irresistible photographs, I
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St. Patrick’s Drunk Bundt Cake

St. Patrick's Drunk Bundt Cake

It has been ages since I baked for the sake of baking and not just to fulfill our bare necessities. Between tests, papers, students, kids and ski trips, all I had manage to bake was our weekly two loaves of nutty Whole Wheat Sourdough bread and Whole Wheat Pumpkin Chocolate Chips Muffins. Between you, invisible
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Blueberry Buckle עוגת אוכמניות עם שטרויזל קינמון

Nonnie's Blueberry Buckle Loaded

I’ve always been obsessed with berries. Not clear why, seeing as I hadn’t tasted any before my adult years.  Fresh berries where hard to come by and extremely expensive when I was growing up over here, so we never bought them.  I did taste berry jams, yogurts and cheese cakes topped with blueberry pie filling,
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Ultimate Birthday Cake עוגת יום ההולדת האולטימטיבית

Ultimate Birthday Cake Happy Birthday

On the morning of Bambino’s fifth birthday, he woke us up by tapping on my shoulder and whispering in my ear: “Ima, wake up, you have to decorate my house”. The fact that it was barely seven o’clock in the morning preceding our return from almost two weeks in Italy (and that I forgot to buy
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