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Pessach Biscotti ביסקוטי פסחיים

Passover Biscotti Cuppa

We have a few rituals whenever Better Half returns from a business trip to NYC.  Firstly, he puts the kettle on for a strong French-Press coffee.  Then he takes out a chocolate-cheese or a White-Chocolate-Raspberry he bought at the airport Starbucks.  And then he takes out the new cookbook Tammy B bought me this time.
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Whipped Shortbread

Whipped Shortbread Cookies Shadows

Every year on Hanukkah, my sister hosts all of us for a candle lighting gathering. The menu hasn’t changed for years: the appetizers consist of a hearty soup, salads, pizza for the kids (and some of the adults), interesting breads and the likes.  And for the main course, coffee and cakes. Each of us bakes one
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Bocconcini del Nonno-Italian Almond Cookies עוגיות שקדים אטלקיות כשרות לפסח

Bocconcini Del Nonno Italian Almond Cookies Threesome

If it were up to Better Half, we would spend most of our life together on vacation.  We would go skiing together every second week in the winter, spend Passover in Hawaii and summers in New Zealand.  And I would join him on all his international tax conferences. Thank God I hate vacations or we would
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Passover Chocolate, Nuts and Raisins Cookies עוגיות שוקולד, אגוזים וצימוקים לפסח

Passover Chocolate, Nut and Raisin Cookies The Leaning Tower

Growing up, Pessach (Passover) baking used to be a real hassle.  We didn’t use our everyday oven during Pessach, but  rather a Wonder Pot.   A Wonder Pot is an aluminum pot shaped like a Bundt baking pan used for baking on top of a gas stove.  They were common in Israel during the 1950s, when many didn’t own an oven.  My grandmother used
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Baked Sunday Mornings: Gingersnaps with Lemon Sugar

Gingersnaps with Lemon Sugar Chilling

I was planning to skip this one. It’s Friday morning, two weeks away from first term exams (4 exams, 4 papers, thanks for asking), we’re going on a ski vacation in a couple of days and the Sabbath will kick in a bit over two hours.  Pretty irresponsible to  bake anything now, let alone cookies to be featured on my
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