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Homemade Ricotta Style Cheese

Homemade Ricotta Sytle Cheese Perfect Snack

Did you know that plastic milk bags use less plastic than plastic milk containers, making them less environmental harmful than the latter?  And that they are often cheaper? And that once washed and dried inside out, they can be reused as sandwich bags or for freezing food? Unfortunately, as much as I love planet earth I cannot use those friendly bags,
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Two-Toned Hazelnut-Chocolate Butter

Two Toned Chocolate Hazelnut Spread What will the Neighbors Say

It took an unplanned trip to France to help me overcome my psychological barrier of Nutella.  Yup. That spread that’s been around in its commercial form since the 1960’s.  The same one I smear on some of my kids’ sandwiches once a week (a pre-weekend treat on Fridays).  The starring player in oh so many
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Maple Almond Butter

Maple Almond Butter Breakfast

I have three uncles.  Two of them, my father’s younger brothers, live in England.  Unfortunately, the geographical distance causes us to hardly see each other, especially with both my paternal grandparents gone.  Yet, both of them, as well as their families, had influenced me in unexpected ways every time we have managed to meet. The
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