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Homemade Pumpkin Purée

Homemade Pumpkin Puree

If, like me, you live in a place with no canned pumpkin purée to be found in your neighborhood supermarket, please do not shred your pumpkin muffins, quick breads and cakes recipes! It’s so easy to make pumpkin purée at home! I usually make purée from one pumpkin at a time.  I use whatever amount
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Do It Yourself Gift Bag from Newspaper

Do it Yourself Paper Bags from Newspaper Bird's Eye View

There aren’t many things Better Half and I do agree on. He likes meat, I love vegetarian and dairy (appetizers, as he calls them). He’s always hot and I’m always cold (how I miss that summer when the AC wasn’t working). He is messy (to put it mildly) and I need order. I love Kieslowski,
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Stocking Up on Ripe Bananas

Stock up on Ripe Bananas My Gold Mine

Got some extra ripe bananas which the kids won’t look at (no matter how hard you try to convince them the brown spots are really honey, and the tastiest part of each banana), yet do not have time to bake a cake right away? Thanks to my friend Galit, I stopped worrying about wasting those
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Homemade Buttermilk

DIY Buttermilk Paitance

I try to stay away from recipes calling for half a cup of heavy cream, three quarter of a cup of buttermilk and so on, since more often than not I find myself throwing the leftovers to the garbage after a while,  having forgotten all about it.  On other occasions I force myself to make another dish,
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Stocking Up on Lemon/Orange Zest

I am sure you have all had the saying “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, tossed at you at various points in time.  I am happy for those of you who like lemonade, as I am sure it made you feel a bit better. Yours Truly, however, is a half empty glass type of
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