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Pessach Biscotti ביסקוטי פסחיים

Passover Biscotti Cuppa

We have a few rituals whenever Better Half returns from a business trip to NYC.  Firstly, he puts the kettle on for a strong French-Press coffee.  Then he takes out a chocolate-cheese or a White-Chocolate-Raspberry he bought at the airport Starbucks.  And then he takes out the new cookbook Tammy B bought me this time.
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Heavenly Almond Brownies

Heavenly Almond Brownies Duo

I’ve been a terrible blogger.  I haven’t posted a signal thing for over a month now, since St. Patrick’s day. I have loads of perfectly valid reasons, but will not get into them and rather offer an olive branch.  When it comes to peace offerings, I’ve learned from the best (that is to say, Better Half)
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