Chocolate Chip Hush Puppies

Posted by hsimpsongrossman on August 28, 2016

What can I tell you.  These were one of the ugliest batch of baked goods that came from under my hands in a very long time.  Possibly the ugliest.

I was looking forward to making these Chocolate Chip Hush Puppies, as I have neither baked anything new nor posted in my blog in a while.  I’ve been taking this summer course, you see, which means I have had no Fridays this past summer and Fridays have always been my baking days.  My plan was to prepare the baked version of these on Thursday afternoon for two reasons: so that my family can have them for breakfast on Friday and so that I can take pictures in the afternoon when there is ample natural light. 

Hush Puppies Half Gone
Half Gone

So I cleared a whole hour on Thursday afternoon, lightheartedly mixing the ingredients by hand, without even taking my mixer out.  I scooped the batter into muffin tins, as I opted for the baked version, and sent them to the oven.  When the timer beeped they looked the same as they had pre-baking, i.e., like shapeless lumps of unbaked batter.  I left them in for an extra three minutes and then for two minutes more and took them out.  They still looked like globs of dough and felt a bit dry. And they were not good looking, to say the least.  I dared taste one and, surprisingly, liked it-it was still warm and I could feel the crunch of the corn meal in every bite.  But I didn’t like the way they looked and couldn’t  bring myself to take pictures of them. 

Hush Puppies Unnatural Light
Unnatural Light

Stubborn Mule tried one and said they were a bit over baked, but nice.  The other kids walked by every few minutes and helped themselves to one and then another.  They all loved them, but by that time there was no natural light left and I gave up on any pictures and, as a result, on posting these to my blog.  I made the mistake of expressing my frustration in Better Half‘s presence, and he, my old time savior, immediately pulled the camera out and took a few pictures while making fun of my natural daylight principle.

As I left to school on Friday morning there were about 10 puppies left.  When I came back home, four hours later, there were four.  And they didn’t look so ugly anymore.  They reminded me of Julie, our Pug- a bit crumple looking but so cute, and realized that they had served their purpose: celebrating Dog day.  At that point I took the camera and photographed the scant surviving puppies, knowing I must write about them.

Hush Puppies While I was Gone
While I was Gone

I made some of my usual changes to the original recipe: substituted whole wheat flour for the all-purpose one, Greek yogurt for the sour cream and a bit less sugar than the amount called for.  And I swapped plain chocolate chips with peanut butter filled one which my friend Tammy sent me from NY.

For the recipe of these clumsy looking yet fun to make and eat treats from Baked Occasions by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito, please visit Baked Sunday Morning, right here.

Happy baking!

Hush Puppies Four to Go
Four to Go

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2 thoughts on “Chocolate Chip Hush Puppies

  1. I cannot call anything with chocolate chips UGLY–I read the recipe and I’m with you-less sugar, add Greek yogurt and swap part or all of flour for whole wheat… I read the recipe and I don’t go for deep-frying though I see it would be delicious but , no way! It’s just the 2 of us here– I will do this and will attempt a half batch in mini-muffin tins and lessen the amount of cornmeal- that might make it less dry. Thanks for posting –we miss you! xo

    • Judy,

      I learned the sugar trick from you!!

      It appears there was an error in the measurements in the recipe posted in Baked Sunday Mornings – it should have been closer to 170 gram rather than 115 gram as stated.

      And I miss you two too!

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