Stocking Up on Ripe Bananas

Posted by hsimpsongrossman on February 17, 2014

Got some extra ripe bananas which the kids won’t look at (no matter how hard you try to convince them the brown spots are really honey, and the tastiest part of each banana), yet do not have time to bake a cake right away?

Thanks to my friend Galit, I stopped worrying about wasting those rejects!  In fact, I’m always on the look out for them trying to expand my stock of the main ingredient for one of my favorite cakes.

Galit and Jeff were among our best friends during our Forest Hills period.  We shared magical holiday meals together, had two kids at about the same time and overcome nursing, feeding and other baby related issues together.  Jeff introduced me to Epicurious and to Sandra Boynton and Galit to Gazpacho, cold minty-melon soups and countless healthy and fun kid friendly snacks.  And she was the one who opened the door to an unlimited supply of bananas ready to turn into banana cakes.

This is what Galit taught me, and I have been following for over a decade now: Put those very ripe bananas, peel and all, in a plastic bag, close the bag and  place it in the freezer.  They will keep good this way for many months.

Stock up on Ripe Bananas Not so Tropical Looking
Not so Tropical Looking

About an hour before you are ready to use them, take as many as you need out of the bag and let them defrost slowly on the counter.

Stock up on Ripe Bananas Nice and Mushy
Nice and Mushy

The peel will be black and thin and the  banana flesh will be pretty brown and soggy– do not worry, they will work just fine in a cake.

Stocking up on Ripe Bananas Think Banana Cake
Think Banana Cake

You can trust Yours Truly on this one – I can’t recall the last time I’ve used fresh bananas for baking.

Stock up on Ripe Bananas Monkey Business
Monkey Business





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