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Passover Chocolate, Nuts and Raisins Cookies עוגיות שוקולד, אגוזים וצימוקים לפסח

Growing up, Pessach (Passover) baking used to be a real hassle.  We didn’t use our everyday oven during Pessach, but  rather a Wonder Pot.   A Wonder Pot is an aluminum pot shaped like a Bundt baking pan used for baking on top of a gas stove.  They were common in Israel during the 1950s, when many didn’t own an oven.  My grandmother used
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Macadamia white Chocolate Biscuits

I had no clue what a cookie was prior to meeting Better Half.  We had biscuits at home and “C” was for chocolate. Cookies were accidentally caught on my radar while we were dating.  We were on a road show, introducing each other to friends and family, when one of his (many) lady-friends announced upon our arrival at her
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Breakfast Biscotti

Please repeat after me: “BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR”! Again. And again, please. One would think that intelligent adults, in their forties, parents to a number of young children, risk managers by occupation and by nature, would count till ten (at least) before saying something they might gravely regret later. Specifically those of us who
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