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Okra with Tomatoes, Pickled Lemon and Coriander במיה עם פלפלים ולימון כבוש

Dear Hebrew speaking friends-the English version is followed by a Hebrew one. One of the greatest things about having an easily distracted mind is that no document can ever be too boring. Take a balance sheet, for example.  What to an enthusiastic analyst is a collection of figures conveying financial clues, is to me a means to
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Meatballs in Tomatoes and String Beans Sauce

I envy those lucky ones who can skim through books.  Or cold-turkey stop reading a book if, having read the first 50 pages, they still can’t get in to it.  They must be so happy,  healthy, carefree, fun to be with human beings. Unfortunately, I’m not a member of that elite group.  I am not capable
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Better than Any Homemade Pizza

“Step aside please Mam, we need to go through the content of this yellow suitcase.”  Most people let such sentences, coming from a security screener at an airport, go in one ear and out the other.  After all, that’s what security in airports is all about.  They follow policies, procedures and checklists, and unless one
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