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Macadamia white Chocolate Biscuits

I had no clue what a cookie was prior to meeting Better Half.  We had biscuits at home and “C” was for chocolate. Cookies were accidentally caught on my radar while we were dating.  We were on a road show, introducing each other to friends and family, when one of his (many) lady-friends announced upon our arrival at her
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World Cup Roasted Nuts

My DNA is the proud owner of dominant football loving genes from both sides.  Zayde, my maternal grandfather, a learned, observant orthodox Jew and a die-hard Maccabi Haifa fan, could barely wait for Shabbat to end so that he can turn the radio on and get the weekend’s scores.  Granddad, my paternal grandfather, was a proud owner of Arsenal
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Two-Toned Hazelnut-Chocolate Butter

It took an unplanned trip to France to help me overcome my psychological barrier of Nutella.  Yup. That spread that’s been around in its commercial form since the 1960’s.  The same one I smear on some of my kids’ sandwiches once a week (a pre-weekend treat on Fridays).  The starring player in oh so many
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