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Okra with Tomatoes, Pickled Lemon and Coriander במיה עם פלפלים ולימון כבוש

Dear Hebrew speaking friends-the English version is followed by a Hebrew one. One of the greatest things about having an easily distracted mind is that no document can ever be too boring. Take a balance sheet, for example.  What to an enthusiastic analyst is a collection of figures conveying financial clues, is to me a means to
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Sweet and Sour Eggplant and Red Pepper Dish

Everybody knows I love eggplant. It is not unusual for me, when invited to family and friends’ gatherings,  to find a note attached to the invitation saying: “oh, please come, there’s loads of eggplant stuff on the menu!”, or alternatively: “Hannah, listen I could only squeeze one eggplant salad in – the father of the
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