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Burnt Sugar Bundt Cake with Caramel Rum Frosting

I’m in test(s) mode.  And for the first time I’m actually enjoying it. Ages ago, when Better Half used to tell me how much he enjoys taking tests, I remember thinking to myself “only someone who loves tax law can say something like that”.  How could anyone enjoy taking tests?  I dreaded tests!  Not necessarily because
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Baked Sunday Mornings: Hair of the Dog Cake

This was a cake of many names, when it was served at a Hanukkah party for my side of the family.  I called it “Booze” cake, “Warm-Milk-with-Rum-and-Caramel” cake, “You’ll-Never-Guess-Its-Name” cake.  Anything but it’s official name.  I was worried of the cake being judged by its cover name- Hair of the Dog cake?!  Some of my in-laws
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