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Lemon Scented Pull-Apart Babka

Flo Braker’s Baking for all Occasions was introduced to me by the enigma of our Cooking Kosher Forum, Yeela.  While most fellow members disclose varying degrees of personal information about themselves, Yeela has chosen to cloak herself in an impenetrable veil of mystery.   No one knows where she lives, how old is she, does she have a
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Two-Toned Hazelnut-Chocolate Butter

It took an unplanned trip to France to help me overcome my psychological barrier of Nutella.  Yup. That spread that’s been around in its commercial form since the 1960’s.  The same one I smear on some of my kids’ sandwiches once a week (a pre-weekend treat on Fridays).  The starring player in oh so many
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Snow Ice-Cream גלידת שלג ופירות יער

Between you, invisible readers, me, and the lamppost, I had my secret selfish motive for going to France and being in charge of cooking for a bunch of skiers. I know, I know.  I made a big fuss out of it, complained about the freezing weather, my neglected laundry and dishes piles and my precious routine
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