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Orange Pineapple Walnut Fruit Cake

I haven’t tried a new cake recipe in something like 2 months.  In fact, I’ve barely managed to bake anything at all since the beginning of the school year.  But how could I ignore a Christmas boiled fruit cake? With Rum?! So I did the impossible and cleared some time off my Thursday schedule.  Thank
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Passover Chocolate, Nuts and Raisins Cookies עוגיות שוקולד, אגוזים וצימוקים לפסח

Growing up, Pessach (Passover) baking used to be a real hassle.  We didn’t use our everyday oven during Pessach, but  rather a Wonder Pot.   A Wonder Pot is an aluminum pot shaped like a Bundt baking pan used for baking on top of a gas stove.  They were common in Israel during the 1950s, when many didn’t own an oven.  My grandmother used
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World Cup Roasted Nuts

My DNA is the proud owner of dominant football loving genes from both sides.  Zayde, my maternal grandfather, a learned, observant orthodox Jew and a die-hard Maccabi Haifa fan, could barely wait for Shabbat to end so that he can turn the radio on and get the weekend’s scores.  Granddad, my paternal grandfather, was a proud owner of Arsenal
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