Terms on the Spot

(or, Glossary)

Capitalized terms used in Spots on Pots are usually words used by Yours Truly and her family and closest friends. To keep you, dear invisible readers, in the loop, I have grouped such terms in this page, and they should have the meaning ascribed to them hereunder:

Bambino: Indisputable ruler of the house – number five.

Better Half: My better half, best friend, initiator of this blog, husband.

Dada: My funny, clever, fellow choco-coffeeholic, best English (and other) cakes maker, father.

El Ni·ño: My beautiful, smart, (not very decisive), kind, generous “baby” brother.

the Forum: An Israeli kosher food forum which I’ve had the honor and privilege to manage for a few years now.

Golden Boy: Our charming, sharp minded, kind fourth kid/third son.  My personal editor (“Ima, you spelt “kugel” in three different ways in one paragraph!”).

Jack: my brother from another motherour personal interior designer, photography critique, baby and dog sitter.

Mama: My role model, mind reading, always right (years before I see it), one and only mother.

Perfect Son: Our eldest son, known food critique and maven.

Princess: Our one and only, beautiful, smart and most dependable daughter.

Stubborn Mule: Also known as Number Three – our opinionated, funny, mischievous, picky eater third child/second son.  Always the first to read my posts.

Yours Truly: Mother of Dragons, pots, a dog and this blog, your humble scribe, Hannah.